Nobu Shoreditch - Winter Sculpture

A Walk in the Snow Garden by Pom Pom Factory 2022

In Japan, snow is viewed as a flower that only 'grows' in winter. The way snow accumulates on branches, flowers, and stones create a new gentle landscape that is so soothing to look at during the winter months. What inspired me the most in designing this installation, has been observing the character of Nobu Hotel, the minimalist exterior, and the dark tones and natural textures that surround you when you walk inside. There is a sense of calm and tranquility when you are in the space. This moment of stillness in Nobu can separate you from the hustle and noise in Shoreditch, which reminds me of a cold winter day when the sun is shining, and there is a pop of color emerging from the snow. Under the snow is a vibrant scene of wintery flowers, peonies, daffodils, camellia, and chrysanthemums. Viewers are invited to walk through this stillness of time and observe the details where you can find a combination of paper flowers, mushrooms, and foliage, mixed with real dried elements.

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