Compton Verney - Dutch Masters Commission

We are honoured to be asked to create a large scale installation responding to a selection of Dutch flower paintings from the National Gallery collection.

Some Flowers Will Never Meet 2023

There is so much to see in a Dutch floral masterpiece: from the natural elements within the painting to the vibrant colours, textures and details. What inspired me the most in conceptualising this installation had been observing the moments in which the flowers and insects from different seasons and ecosystems come together in one place that would not have otherwise been feasible in real life. 

Viewers are invited to walk through a passage of time — or rather, a place where different timelines collide — where flowers from different seasons meet with imaginary flowers that are specially created for this exhibition. The new flowers are made out of paper, stretching and pulling in their formation, thriving in a different way; but when they are seen together with their counterparts, we hope it will bring a sense of abundance and otherworldly cohesion.

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